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The demonization of Ilhan Omar and fascism red flags in the United States

By Amanda Madison U.S. Army combat veteran warns: “stoking fear of the ‘other’ is the president’s best weapon, and Congresswoman Omar is the perfect villain in his story.” On April 15, 2019 I attended a rally in support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar held during President Donald Trump’s visit to Nuss Truck and Equipment in Burnsville,…

Statement on Attempted Coup in Venezuela

This is not Venezuela. This is Chile on September 11, 1973, but the path the US government is now on feels far too similar to what happened then. We’ve been down this road countless times before, and the consequences have always been devastating.

Statement on Government Shutdown and the Border

As an organization made up of post-9/11 veterans, the events over the last month are all-too familiar to us. We remember a time when another president sold the American public on a lie that our national security was under threat. That make-believe crisis resulted in a number of devastating wars — some of which continue,…

Statement of Solidarity with No Cop Academy

No Cop Academy is fighting back against the militarization of police in Chicago and we are proud to join them in making the connections to the wars overseas and redirecting resources to services people actually need.

Krystal Two Bulls- Food For Thought This Thanksgiving

Today on Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to further introduce myself and a conversation that drives the work I do. I am an Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne woman and veteran. I was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and raised on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. Being a Native American veteran…

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